Classroom Policies

4th Grade Handbook -2015-2016

Outstanding Learners
Always Respectful &

We use SOAR Expectations to focus on learning.  Please read the SOAR expectations on the SW-PBS Matrix below with your child.  Your support and reminders will help your child be a successful learner at Mathews Elementary. 

These expectations were established by Mathews' PBS team to have consistent, school-wide behavior expectations. We also work collaboratively with students to set expectations on how these SOAR expectations look in the settings below. 

Classroom Expectations 

These expectations were set by students after a thoughtful class discussion.

1.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.
2.  Always respect other students' things - don't bother their things without asking.
3.  Only access your own files on the computers. If you see someone else's items in your folder, tell them.
4.  Ask three before the teacher if you have computer issues.
5.  Immediately turn off the monitor if something questionable appears on the computer monitor.
6.  Always be prepared for class.
7. Read, work puzzles, play math games, or use icons on Symbaloos. (Red icons are only good during inside recess.)