Gallery of Student Work

Instead of Show-and-Tell, our class shares science experiments!  We don't go through the entire scientific method, but this helps our class improve speaking and listening skills. Plus, it's super exciting to watch!

Use link for ideas:

Skills:  Data collection, area, perimeter, addition/subtraction computation to $250,000.

Student Examples:

Playground presentation K and...

More PowerPoint presentations from Cheryl Dick

MK Project Recess powerpoint

More PowerPoint presentations from Cheryl Dick

Oobleck -- Students made Oobleck and created similes to describe it. Pause the Animoto video on student work samples if you'd like to read their creations. 

Word Wall Review

Students viewed this picture and wrote down words from the word wall that could be used when talking about this picture. They explained why they chose their words in class.

Word Wall Words
performance -- The turkeys put on quite a performance!
hopeless -- They don't know which way to go, and they're trying to figure out how to escape.
 More Word Wall Words
trouble, invasion, valuable, beautiful, excited, happiness, overpower, different, classify, community, unfriendly, discovery, prettier, weather, something, nonliving (fence), impression

Symmetrical Robots

Students worked in pairs to create symmetrical robots. They could only use triangles and rectangles, and they determined the area when finished. They also wrote an explanation of how they found the area.

Below are some examples.